How much does it cost to start and run a new blog?

Learn about the cost you need to begin and keep up a new blog. Find out how to plan your budget and understand what it costs to run your blog and how Blogsy can save your cost.

How much does it cost to start and run a new blog?

When you a starting a new blog, you must think about this question: "How much will it cost to start and run a Blog?" In this article, we will break down the cost to start and run the blog.

If you are starting a blog for your business or want to become a professional blogger, it's important to know that there are costs involved. It can vary depending on your needs. Here in this article, we will explain to you the cost of starting a new blog and running it.

There are lots of things involved in calculating total costs to start and run a blog.

  • Domain Name Cost
  • Hosting Cost
  • Development & Designing Cost
  • Email Marketing Cost
  • SEO Tools

Domain Name Cost

A domain name is an easy-to-remember address used to access a website.

Buying the right domain is crucial because it provides visibility of your brand.

Domain Name can cost you around $10-$30 depending on different providers unless you want to buy a premium domain. For a premium domain, it can cost you a higher amount.


With NameCheap, you can get a ".com" domain for around $10 (annually).

and renewal costs you around $15 (annually).

Check out how much it costs to buy a domain for a blog from NameCheap:


GoDaddy's pricing for the first year is cheap (Around $2 to $3) but then from the second year while renewing it charges between $10 to $30 (annually).

GoDaddy's pricing is different depending on different domain names and different extensions.

Check out how much it costs to buy a domain for a blog from Godaddy:

Google Domain

Google Domain costs you around $10 (annually) for a ".com" domain.

Check out how much it costs to buy a domain for a blog from Google domain:

And if you don't want to buy a new domain and want to get started a new blog with Subdomain, you can start with Blogsy Starter Plan which offeres free Subdomain and free SSL.


Hosting Cost

Hosting is the process of buying space on a server to host your website. so hosting providers charge monthly costs based on the server configurations and it makes your website accessible to the internet.

There are different hosting available:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

But since you are just starting a new blog there won't be lots of traffic initially, I would suggest starting with Shared Hosting because it's cheap compared to others.

There are multiple hosting providers from where you can buy hosting:


If you select 12 months plan then the BlueHost basic plan starts at $2.95/mo for the first year and then $10.99/mo for the second year.

And if you choose 36 months plan then it will cost you $4.95/mo for 3 years.

Another advantage is you will get a Free domain for the 1st year, Free SSL, and Free CDN with a hosting plan other than BASIC. The BASIC plan doesn't offer a free domain, free SSL, or free CDN.

You can check Bluehost pricing from here: BlueHost Hosting Pricing


SiteGround is also a good alternative to BlueHost to buy a hosting plan.

If you are a beginner then you can start with the StartUp plan which costs you $3.99/mo.

Here at the time of writing this article, SiteGround doesn't offer any free domain in any of the plans. but you will get Free SSL, Free CDN, Free Email, and Free Email Migrator.


You can check the SiteGround pricing from this page:


Another recommendation for hosting is Hostinger. It's quite popular and also cheap.

You can check Hostinger pricing from their Pricing page: Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger Single plan starts from $1.99/mo which again doesn't offer a free domain but will get free SSL. but other plan offers a free domain, free email, and unlimited free SSL. Hostinger also offers a no-code website builder in Premium and higher plan.


You can choose the best hosting provider that fits your business needs. Here is the summary of all plans with minimum values

BlueHost: $2.95/mo (For the first year)

SiteGround: $3.99/mo

Hostinger: $1.99/mo

Hosting plan can cost you from $1.99/mo to $3.99/mo

Our suggestion is to go with Hostinger which offers lots of things.

Don't want setup any hosting plan, Blogsy can do it for you. You can setup you blog quickly with Blogsy. Blogsy is a super-fast blogging platform which generate SEO-ready blogs effortlessly, without the need for setup or maintenance and let you focus only on writing. Blogsy Starter plan is free which offer you 10 blog posts and the Essential plan offers you unlimited blog posts at $9/mo.

With Blogsy, you will get 90+ Lighthouse scrore out of the box which good for SEO and you don't need to do anything at you own like installing wordpress, installing wordpress plugins to make faster and keep updating wordpress version and plugins which is time consuming process. You will notice the wordpress blog are slow. You need to hire developer to fix all the performance issues and remove unneccessary plugins and make it faster which is again expensive because you need to pay to the developer but with blogsy you will get lighting fast, SEO-ready blog.


Development & Designing Cost

Once you've bought a hosting plan, it's time to set up a blog. Install WordPress on your hosting plan. If you are not a technical person and you don't know how to set up a WordPress blog, perhaps you check out this guide: How to install WordPress 

But if you're still not sure How to set up WordPress then you will need to hire a developer who can install the WordPress and WordPress theme and required WordPress plugins to improve the speed and follow SEO best practices and make it faster also developer can also keep your WordPress blog upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and plugins when new update available. But as I mentioned earlier hiring a developer can cost you a lot alternatively you can start with Blogsy.

Development and designing can cost you from Free(if you are a developer) to $1000.

Don't want to hire developer to setup your wordpress blog to improve the speed and SEO best practices? Blogsy let's you focus only on writing instead of setting up a server and maintanance. Blogsy's development team consistently updates the platform to ensure optimal security and performance, saving you from manual maintenance.If you choose Blogsy you don't need to buy hosting plan.


Email Marketing Cost

Email marketing is important because it reaches your business goals. Email marketing is the fastest way to generate more sales, announce sales, new features announcements, and new features announcements.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. Newsletters
  2. Welcome Message
  3. Limited time offers
  4. Abandoned Cart Emails
  5. Lifetime deal

Email Marketing Services for Bloggers


Bravo offers a free tier and a paid plan starting from $20/mo which offers 20k emails/month


SendGrid offers a free trial and paid plan starting from $19.95/mo which offers 4k emails/month


Mailchimp also offers a free trial and a paid plan starting from $4.63/mo which offers 5k emails/month


ConvertKit offers a free tier and the paid plan starts from $9/mo

Email Marketing Services can cost you from Free to $20/mo.


SEO Tools Cost

SEO tools are one of the most important things that every blogger should use. It helps you to rank higher in Google search results. 

SEO tools can help you to:

  1. Keywords research
  2. Rank analysis
  3. Fix Mistakes
  4. Spy on Competition
  5. Follow the best SEO practices

There are a few tools that can help you with SEO.

  • Ahref (Free tier with limits & paid plan starts from  $99/mo)
  • SEMRush (Free tier with limits & paid plan starts from  $125/mo )
  • UberSuggest (Free tier with limits & paid plan starts from  $12/mo)

SEO tools can cost you from Free to $125/mo

How Blogsy can save your time setting up a new blog?

Blogsy is a super-fast blogging platform that generates SEO-ready blogs effortlessly, without the need for setup or maintenance, and lets you focus only on writing.

While starting and running a blog incurs costs, Blogsy offers an efficient and budget-friendly solution.

Blogsy offers affordable pricing plans that cater to different needs.

You can choose a plan that aligns with your requirements and budget.

Blogsy built on the Jamstack architecture, Blogsy ensures high-speed loading times, reducing bounce rates and enhancing user experiences.

Blogsy combines hosting, design, and content creation tools in one platform, eliminating the need to source multiple services.

Ready to start your new blog for free? Blogsy offers a free plan that you can start with and set up your lightning-fast SEO-ready blog in no time.

Need a SEO-ready lightning-fast blog?

Blogsy can create a SEO-ready blazing fast blog that keeps visitors engaged and satisfied. No coding or server setup required.

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