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Robots.txt is a text file contains sets of instructions for serach engine bots or web crawlers that crawls your websites. Web crawlers are responsible for indexing the content of your website or blog so that it can appear in the search engine results and you can specify which parts of the website or blog should or should not be crawled by search engine bots. You can also block specific pages or duplicate pages or resources from crawlers. This free tool Robots.txt Generator help you to generate robots.txt based on your need.

Robots.txt Generator

The is a relative path to the root and must contain a trailing slash "/"

Robots.txt FAQ

How to prevent GPTBot from accessing your site's content?

To prevent GPTBot(GPTBot is OpenAI’s web crawler) from accessing your site's content, you can simply add the following lines to your site's robots.txt file:
User-agent: GPTBot 
Disallow: /
This will ensure that GPTBot doesn't index or crawl through your site's pages. This free tool will help you to generate robots.txt file by allowing or disallowing GPTBot to crawl your site.

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